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How Man First Saw The Earth
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'The extraordinary photos of the Earth taken from Apollo 8 had a deep and lasting effect on many environmentalists – including me. Earthrise contextualises and reflects on a unique photographic record in a quite compelling and inspiring way.’
Sir Jonathon Porritt, environmental campaigner.

‘Earthrise is an expertly researched and elegantly written cultural history of the space age. Poole deftly explains how images of the whole Earth helped to turn the vision of space exploration away from one that leaves the Earth behind to one that extols the rare magnificence of our home planet.’
Prof. Howard McCurdy, author of Space and the American Imagination.

‘When humanity first gazed back at Earth from space it forced us to view our planet in a new way. That may be the greatest legacy of the space age, ably and subtly discussed in this superb history of the human encounter with our home planet. Robert Poole is to be congratulated for deciphering this important story and making it available to all readers in such an accessible and insightful manner.’
Prof. Roger Launius, National Air and Space Museum.

'Absorbing ... a very readable and stimulating foray into an important facet of 20th-century history.’
Jon Turney, Times Higher Educational Supplement - Book of the week, 2.10.08.

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